Hackathon meets Startup Spirit!

Open to people of any discipline

17-19 November 2017 | LMU Munich



What is it all about?

The best combination of hacking and startups!

From Friday evening 7pm until Sunday evening 6pm. At the LMU main building.

This event is for everybody who wants to bring cool ideas into life, try something new, do crazy things, and have an awesome weekend!

You'll work in an interdisciplinary team of 3-5 great like-minded people on a challenge: First find an idea, start implementing it, invent a business model to it, pitch it to the jury, and win amazing prizes!

Refresh: Delicous food and drinks all for free.
PLUS: Inspiring speeches. Startup coaches to help with the ideas, the coding and the pitching.
A rubber unicorn. A chill-out area. Games. And some more crazy fun!

Wanna know more: FAQs
Email us in case you have any question: mail@hackatnight.de

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8 great Challenges are waiting for you - Make your choice!
Actually it's an easy choice: All challenges will be a unique experience! Enjoy!


FlixBus cares a lot about its product and about our customers’ opinions. That’s why we want to optimize our use of all available information. The internet provides tons of information, opinions and ideas and we want to make use of it!
Together with your innovative ideas, we would like to develop a smart tool which extracts customers’ opinions from a variety of sources and structures the results into a manageable format. How is travelling with FlixBus perceived, what would our customers like to improve and what do they love? This would help us make travelling with us even better!

Continental Automotive - Data

Modern cars collect all kinds of data inside the car, outside the car and way beyond. Use this great potential (data exchange, data aggregation, interconnectivity, etc) to build new business ideas!
Technical challenge: Envision and prototype a way to exchange this car data.
Business challenge: Invent a data-based use case & business model.
The future of car data usage is in your hands! We look forward to your great thoughts.

Continental Automotive - Camera

Develop a business model that inspires customers!
Central for this is a front camera for cars. It detects road signs, road marking and many more objects on and next to the road. Imagine great use cases: B2B, B2C or B2G!
What do customers want? What motivates them to put the camera in the cars? Which business models can you envision? Which other companies/ services might be involved?
Let’s create a new business concept together with your team!

Play - The Sky Open Innovation Hub

Shape the future of entertainment and build your own Sky product!
Imagine you could use the complete Sky content to develop your own vision of a Sky Streaming Product. Play around with the TV program data of hundreds of series, movies, sports events, and much more. Surprise us with your ideas: new search functions, recommendations, …. Create a brand new user interfaces for special target groups e.g. kids, elderly or soccer fans.
What would you love to have? Invent it!
Looking forward to your ideas & a lot of fun!

Empowering Digital Companions for Mobility Services via AI

The challenge aims at implementing a context-sensitive UI assistant using AWS services such as Alexa, Lex or Rekognition.
The context for your new service will come from your BMW: user profile of the driver, facial recognition, vehicle data, location, images of the vehicles surroundings, etc. Use all this together with third-party-skills (Spotify, TripAdvisor, you name it!) and surprise us with your ideas and prototype!

Shape recognition and automatic positioning of measuring points within 3D parts

BMW stands for premium production quality. Currently the planning of the 3D-measuring is a manual process. This can be better - YOU can do better!
Develop your solution based on lots of 3D shapes, current measuring plans, machine learning and your ideas! Use your algorithm and skills to improve BMW's planning quality and speed!


Data crawling & data analysis & and the best way of displaying it ever!

Use the REAL financial reports of Siemens, get great insights and crawl the most interesting data from it! Write a chatbot or use HoloLens, etc to display it and have it available at the fingertips – instead of a loooong text.
Now it get’s really exciting: Crawl the same data from the competition! Compare it and display this in a new way!
Let’s do some magic in text recognition!
The Siemens AI Team is on-site too.

Smart Jewelry - Changing the role of jewelry forever

Imagine you could make the invisible visible and jewelry could give feedback on vital data (like activity, stress level, sleep, excitement, etc) and how you're doing. Using advanced technology Swarovski aims to use this data to enhance our emotional well-being throughout the day.

What would you do with this vital data after it is gathered?
With what other public data would you merge the vital data to create new solutions?
And how could the jewelry be the interface - instead of searching for the phone?

Change the role of jewelry forever! With your ideas!

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A great hackathon experience is waiting for you!


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